Why Organisations Are Ditching Mass Media

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March 4, 2018
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May 6, 2018
Why Organisations Are Ditching Mass Media, And Why You Might Join Them

One major concern in the analytics is giving details of content and audience reach. It is very difficult for the mass media to accurately give figures of people that it reaches and those that engage with the content. Social media, on the other hand, have apps that give details of activities surrounding content on its platform. This singular difference has shifted attention of PR experts to start running digital PR.

Mass Media, just as it is being referred to, has been a thriving platform for advert placements and content engagement for a very long time before the advent of new media. Ever since the arrival of new media, it has been observed that almost every aspect of human life is influenced through change in communication behavior. Connectivity is one of the greatest gifts to mankind derived from social media. And as a result of that, research has it that high number of people now pay much attention to new media as they can watch any program of interest online, read news online, and lot more. As a result of these significant shifts, numbers of people patronizing television, newspapers and magazines started declining, while sophisticated phones with internet access can reach online media that have almost all features of mass media.


However, mass media cannot be regarded as a failed media due to its numerous potentials. Meanwhile new media presence has exposed some of the inadequacies in mass media. We have listed few below:


Mass media cannot be regarded as a failed media due to its numerous potentials. Meanwhile new media presence has exposed some of the inadequacies in mass media …


Message expires within short period of time

The modus operandi of the mass media does not retain message for long which is as result of clusters of program segments, compared with new media that has the potential of trending for over a month or more subject to audience’s interest.

Difficult to target specific audience

In mass media, nature of program is used in targeting audience. For an instance, if your brand wants to appeal to a certain age bracket, mass media PR will explore suitable program that captures viewership of that age bracket to feature your brand. Meanwhile, online media can be precise and specific in targeting age bracket, gender, demography etc.


Difficult to measure reach and engagement

Mass media often approximate in its reach of audience. Even at that, the complexity of humans makes it more difficult to duel on estimation, as people change every now and then. New media has various analytic tools for various channels that gives details of reach and engagement on each channel

Not accountable for result

The essence of targeting is to get result, and if result cannot be properly documented, it becomes difficult to measure progress. Mass media till today, cannot give accurate information regarding number of engagements and leads generated based on targeted audience. As an experienced media consulting firm in Abuja Nigeria, Isu Media have come to understand how and when to use the various media channels

Leveraging on the instant accessibility of some of these online platforms comes along with major risks that spin out of control if not handled with discretion. Some contents tend to assume the colouration of hate speeches that are offensive which makes them become illegal. This casts aspersions on the image of the organisation involved.


Part of these occurrences is as a result of existing communication gaps between editors and persons who post information, opinions and views of their organisations, which is a major challenge to corporate bodies. When the social media platforms of a reputable organisation convey unverifiable comments and experiences that affect the sensibilities of certain components of the society, this affects the reputation of the organisation and creates a whole new problem for them.


Having cherished the arrival of social media and its positive impacts in the society, we need to also pay attention to its disadvantages when being abused or played down. In the same manner it has elevated the status of businesses and corporate organisations, reputation can also be ruined on the platform when it is not being properly handled.


The focus of this article is to encourage readers to engage the use of social media wisely and for them to be aware of dangers when it is mismanaged.


By and large, corporate handles have been mismanaged by some individuals hence, resulting to reputation damage. While some were able to turn the table round to influence their audience positively, some others got drowned by it.

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