Why You Should Keep Multiple Social Media Platforms

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April 5, 2018
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July 9, 2018
Social media started making waves in Nigeria in the year 2009, with the arrival of sophisticated phones that are friendly with social media applications. Thus, various people chose various platforms for personal purposes.

For example, some people connect to Facebook to meet with family and friends to share memories of pictures and videos purposely to keep up with the good experiences they had, while some people connect to LinkedIn to reach out to CEOs, professional bodies and other people that are likely to find their business proposition valuable. Whichever platform you wish to connect from, it is very important you know where your audience are, what they want and the best platform to reach them. When you know your target audience, you will have an insight on style of content and approach to deploy.


However, there is a huge advantage in having multiple platforms, as it gives you multiple means of reaching your target audience and it further increases the reach of your brand.


The advent of social media in Nigeria has made lots of positive impacts across various sectors. This is visible in accountability, branding, media, civic engagement, etc. …

In Politics

The 2012 subsidy removal on fuel, led by Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, was remarkable in social media politics of Nigeria. Nigerians organised a mass protest on twitter which later spread to other social medial platforms tweeting with the hashtag #OccupyNigeria. High numbers of tweets were recorded per second. Nigerians took to the platform to hold government accountable. Accountability prompted engagement and broke the barriers between high and low class, which today has opened the borderline of citizen engagement with the government. Virtually all the politicians now have social media accounts through which they engage with citizens.


In Business

Business owners and service providers in Nigeria now recognize the significance of social media from the mass media as large number of citizens now spend more time on the mobile phones, engaging with content on social media than the mass media; thus, prompting brands to start shifting focus to social media. Today, people are not only becoming the brand but also becoming the media.


In Media

The era of mass media is fast fading out as social media prides itself to be the center of social networking where contents that are informative, educative, and entertaining are shared on the go in form of audio, audiovisual and graphics. Research has shown that the number of attention mass media receives from audience is fast declining. This new wind of change brought by social media has prompted mass media operatives to go digital. Most of the prominent media outfits in Nigeria now have social media accounts through with they publish news content to remain relevant in the media space.



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